Nicholas Studt


This is the collection of code that I have been involved in creating, not including projects that I have been involved with at work which for some reason they keep refusing for me to publish here. Go figure.

The projects that are listed as retired are, well, retired. As such, they are probably not going to see a lot of updates unless the wild hair shows up and starts to go mad.


This project is a yet another simple blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


This project allows users to manage files via the Django Admin area on your site.


This project allows static pages to be expanded and served with the Django template system.

KrKit (retired)

This is a perl application framework that leans heavily towards mod_perl. It contains simplified database connectivity, user authorization and authentication, a template system, a help system, inherited method handlers to simplify development, and much more. The Gantry framework was forked from this project . If you really want to use a Perl framework go look at Gantry, they added a ton of new features.

Alchemy-Blog (retired)

A simple mod_perl blog platform.

Alchemy-FileManager (retired)

A mod_perl application that allows users to manage files on a remote web server.

Alchemy-FormBuilder (retired)

A mod_perl application that allows users to create web forms.

Alchemy-WebMail (retired)

Alchemy WebMail is a Web based mod_perl e-mail client. It relies on a database for storing user application data and an IMAP server for managing the user's e-mail. I wrote this years ago, it was used by the local ISP for their client facing web mail until sometime in 2012.

django-form-manager (retired)

A Django application to create simple web forms. Don't use this, don't download it, go use Formunculous instead.