Nicholas Studt

Boom Boom 07 July 2013


I attempted to take pictures of the Lawrence fireworks again this year. It worked slightly better than it had on previous occasions, but mostly because I had a working tripod and had spent a couple minutes reading the camera manual before going out. The hardest part about the entire event was convincing Zooey that the tripod was not a footrest.

This was also the first year that we watched the fireworks from the riverfront rather than the bridge. I have no doubt that we'll be down by the riverfront again next year, unless Karen really does buy a kayak.

Adventure Time 29 June 2013

Adventure Time

The Game Nut in downtown Lawrence creates elaborate window displays, currently it's characters from Adventure Time. Previously, scenes from Zelda and Rampage spent time in the display window.

Tiny fists of fury! 13 May 2013


Trapped on the soup can he can only shake his tiny fists of fury.

Baby Its Cold Outside 29 January 2013


Yesterday it was 76, tonight we are expecting snow.

Ah but it's cold outside.

This is fancy 02 January 2013