Nicholas Studt

Caucus 06 February 2008

Obama - Oh Face:: Nikon D70

Last night was Super Tuesday, so Karen and I went to the Democratic caucus. This was a strange and new thing for us, as Kansas usually doesn't have a caucus, and when it does it isn't until after the general election. (Ok, this might be a slight exaggeration.)

Before we go any farther, I have to mention how amazingly painful the caucus system is in practice. First, you pack everyone in a building. Second, you take the packed crowd and have them get into groups based on the candidate that they support. Finally, you have everyone stand around for at least 3 hours for no apparent reason, while something magical happens on the other side of the room that no one can see. For bonus points, you use a very bad P.A. system so that no one can hear either. That is how we run a caucus in Kansas.

I had something uplifting to say about participation in the process and all that, but it's slipped my mind as I think about the pain that was the actual process. After experiencing this, I will never, ever, complain about how long it takes at the polling place where I vote.

A lot of the people brought their children, which was at least entertaining while we stood around for several hours. This photo was from pretty early in the evening, when someone was standing on a chair shouting about something on the other side of the room. At least the kid thought it was exciting.

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