Nicholas Studt

Holding down the fort 27 October 2007

Holding Down :: Nikon D70

If you haven't noticed--and I assume you have if you are here--the old site is being torn down to make way for the new site. This should give me a chance to do a bit of house cleaning, as well as refocus a bit. So the angrydwarf is dead; long live the photodwarf. All of the old content is still here and can be found by looking in the archive.

I received a Knit Picks Options needle set in the mail this past Wednesday. The needles feel like an interchangeable set of Addi Turbos (insert light saber sound here). As amazing as these needles are, the case that comes with them is a resounding disappointment. I also ordered the new clear bag case that comes with the Options Harmony set, and that one is not much better, although it's at least passable. So, I've decided to construct myself needle cases that don't suck. We'll have to see how that goes.

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