Nicholas Studt

Hot Air 10 August 2004

Hot Air :: Nikon D70 : 1/60s : f/4.5 : ISO 200 : Flash

Note: The following could be considered highly cynical.

I don't have a very good view of politicians in general. I've always felt they rate just above soap scum and below toe fungus. Not even party affiliation affects this classification. I used to be able to chalk this up to a disaffected youth outlook, but that doesn't seem to pass muster now that I am married. Something about that car insurance discount changes the allowed reasons for not liking politicians.

With about the same excitement that I reserve for concerts, I went with Karen to wait for the Kerry/Edwards train to come through our little burg. At the end the train didn't stop, though there was a very surprised group of passengers when a regularly scheduled train stopped. In fact, I would venture to say they got an even bigger response just because they stopped. With the regular train in the station, I snapped this picture of a campaign balloon. I can't say I like the politicians any more than I did before, but you have to admire them for coming back to a state that they are doomed to lose in the upcoming election.

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