Nicholas Studt

Ghetto Zoo 27 June 2004

Ghetto Zoo:: Nikon D70 : 1/60s : f/4.5 : ISO 200

Found this little guy at the Ghetto Zoo this past Friday. Let me explain—Karen and I had the opportunity to go to the zoo in Kansas City for free. I figured I'd be able to get a couple of decent animal photos.

On the drive out, I made mention of this particular zoo's colloquial name—the Ghetto Zoo. Contrary to popular belief, this nickname is not based on its placement in the city, but rather the zoo's rather rundown and shabby feel. Yes, I do know that this nickname isn't the nicest, and probably shouldn't be mentioned in polite company. Needless to say, I didn't give the zoo its nickname.

Karen thought I was being unusually critical of the zoo until we got back around to the performing seals. There were seven seals; of these, three or four were blind, another couple were deaf, and I believe there may have been one healthy one in the bunch.

We didn't stay much past that point.

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